This is a celebration to the flow of life – a flow that’s continuously dancing through us. “I’m always trying to find that crack in the ordinary world where “I” as a person steps out and something greater takes the lead. A meditative void of no mind where creation happens as a playful exploration. I invite you to reconnect with that place –  to the magic and to that open-minded, creative curiosity that lives in each and every one of us.


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My inspiration comes from my spiritual journey – from the observation act of meditation, from letting go to the energetic flow of tantra and through the directed focus of energy from yoga. When painting, I try to get into a state of flow without the intellectual mind present, a meditative void of creation, with a total focus on NOW.

It’s a dedication to the process of its own – I let go of the outcome and follow the paint rather than forcing the shapes and the result. With curiosity I watch the fluid pigments blend and dance together into nature-like patterns, shapes, fractals and color-landscapes. This actually makes the painting process so much fun and an exploring adventure of its own. (Currently my work is mainly based on acrylics but as a part of my art-process I’m continuously exploring new materials and techniques.)”

With my art I wish to inspire others that we all have access to this magic source of creation when we let go of the mind and just fall into the happy play of “doing”. Whatever it is that you love to do, I wish to remind you of this spirited state of being, just as we played when we were kids – for the pure fun of it. I believe that by connecting with this place and unlearn our “intellectual map” we can reach far beyond our imagination and wildest dreams!


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